The good and bad of logo branding

One logo design that I feel is successful is the Tour de France logo, its minimalistic but also has a nice pop of color. Something I especially like about it is that the ‘our’ in tour is designed to look like a bicyclist! I think that small detail is so mighty when it comes to the success of this logo. Another small detail that is mighty is the choice of yellow within the design. when looking into this logo I found that the yellow is actually the color of the jersey that the leader of each stage of this race wears as well as being the color of the jersey that the winner wears at the end, it’s such an interesting way to bring everything full circle, yet not distracting from this design if you didn’t know what the yellow was supposed to mean. I also really want to talk about the hand script type that is used, I think it’s so beautiful and works well to really bring some movement and real eye appeal to this logo. Seeing how this is designed for a cycling race the designer really utilizes that with the use of such a script style type. Basically, I just love this so much, and think it works so so well!! How fun!

Ew, ew, ew.. I have so much to say about this and nothing is good. I have personal beef with this logo design. I work at goodwill, so I have to see this logo and goodwill’s branding every single time I work, everything about it all is literally god awful. Some people might like it, I guess that’s okay, but I truly don’t know how you could. It’s so blocky and has no redeeming qualities about it. The type that they use at the bottom literally looks like the designer asked a toddler to handwrite it. I believe that if they had a lighter sans-serif type on the bottom it would slightly look better, but the blocky/ugly one they are using now does not flatter anything about this design. Along with my dislike of the type I also wish that goodwill had gone with a slightly lighter blue, for me the navy blue that they currently use doesn’t give me much push to not only keep looking at it but want to remember it. Some of goodwill’s other branding has a little bit of red in it. It would’ve made more sense to include that color into the logo, so everything looked like on cohesive brand, but instead they didn’t do that, and it just looks awful.